Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Important Switches for Outlook

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Many of us do reinstallation of MS Office when ever we encounter a problem in outlook. But have you ever thought of any possible fixes for the problems you face. I hope this post will help you a lot through making your life easier with Outlook. Below I have stated some of the most important switches that could be used for outlook in order to fix problems.

All commands could be typed on a run prompt, which could be opened by Start --> Run

1. "outlook.exe /cleanclientrules" ~ This command will start Outlook, but will deleted any rules you've made. This is very useful if you are having trouble with any rules you’ve already created.
2. "outlook.exe /cleanprofile" ~ This is a very handy command when you have corrupted profiles. This command removes invalid profile keys and creates default registry values as needed.
3. "outlook.exe /cleanpst" ~ This command will start outlook with a clean PST file.
4. "outlook.exe /cleanrules" ~ This command is similar as "/cleanclientrules", but the difference is this commands clean all client and server rules.
5. "outlook.exe /firstrun" ~ This command will start Outlook as if it was started for the first time on your computer.
6. "outlook.exe /noextensions" This command will start Outlook with no Extensions (Add-ins). But how ever it could be listed in the Add-in-Manager.
7. "outlook.exe" ~ This command will resets all folder names to their defaults. Ex-You could rename your "Inbox" to some other name. This could be reversed.
8. "outlook.exe /resetfolders" ~ This command will restore missing folders for the default delivery location.
9. "outlook.exe /resetnavpane" ~ This command will remove and recreate the entire navigation pane for the current profile.
10. "outlook.exe /safe" ~ This command will start Outlook in Safe Mode. It will run without 1) Extensions 2) Reading Pane 3) Toolbar customization.
11. "outlook.exe /safe:1" ~ Starts outlook with the reading pane off.
12. "outlook.exe /safe:2" ~ Starts outlook without checking email at startup.
13. "outlook.exe /safe:3" ~ Starts outlook with extension turned off.
14. "outlook.exe /safe:4" ~ Starts outlook without loading customized toolbars.
How ever for further details and more commands you could visit Microsoft Command-Line-Switches . Please feel free to leave your comments regarding this post. Wish you Good Luck with Microsoft Outlook.

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