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What are your chances of clearing JEE 2012 ?

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In JEE 2011, 13,196 qualified for admission to JEE of the 4.6 lakh (4,60,000)candidates who had applied.

Thus out of all those who wrote the examination, 2.87 Percent cracked the JEE 2011. In simple words out of every 10,000 writing the JEE 2011 exam, 287 went to the IITs.

So what are your chances?

If seriousness, hard work, perseverance and intelligence are key to be successful in JEE, then use this simple rule of thumb – Only 20 percent of students who take any competitive exam, prepare for it. Preparation here implies Preparation in Serious terms. 

So if we assume that, the same number of candidates go for JEE 2012 (although that will in all probability increase), then only 92000 will be SERIOUSLY preparing for JEE 2012. If you are serious enough, then in order to get into 13,196 seats, you should be in top 14 percent of candidates or 1 in 7 candidates.

This doesn’t look much of a challenge! Right?

But these six other competitors are tough competitors – as they are razer sharp. 

But still you can make your way among the chosen ones. As some among these razer sharp competitors LACK, other important ingredients of success -- Hardwork, Smart Hardwork and Perseverance.

So if you rule out those who lack the above three. Then you will be having a success ratio in JEE 2012, which looks like – 1 in 4 .

Changes you will notice in JEE 2012

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Changes you will notice in JEE 2012:

1) Candidates will get the answer sheet in duplicate. 

2) Candidates will be allowed to circle their answers in the ORS using a pen instead of pencil.

3) The answer keys will be put up online at least three weeks after JEE. 

NOTE: The pattern of JEE will remain UNCHANGED.

How to crack JEE 2012 ?

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Conditions required to crack the JEE 2012:

1) The aspirant has to score at least 10% marks in each of the three subjects and a minimum aggregate of 35% to get featured on the common rank list for admission to IITs. until last time, the minimum qualifying marks in JEE were calculated by taking into account the average of marks scored, by all the candidates who wrote the exam.

Fixing the minimum marks required in each subject and aggregately will make the system more transparent, while making it easier for students to set their goals in the exam, hopes Joint Admission Board (JEB).

2) There will be a separate rank list for OBC and SC/ST candidates. 

OBC candidates will get a relaxation of 10% in the minimum marks required to crack JEE. OBC candidates will have to score at least 9% in each subject and 31.5% in aggregate in order to be in the OBC rank list. Candidates of SC and ST categories must score at least 5% in each subject and 17.5% in aggregate to be on their respective rank lists.

JEE 2012 Online Registrations

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How to Apply for online registration for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) 2012:

Log on to the IIT website to fill up the form online for JEE.

NOTE: The forms will be available over the counter only from November 11 2011 onwards.

Last Date for registering online for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) 2012:

December 10, 2011

NOTE: The last date to register will be December 15 if the form is submitted offline.

Cost of form and registration charges: The registration charges, including the cost of form, will be Rs 1800 for general male candidates, girls will have to pay only Rs 200.

Conditions required to crack the JEE 2012

Changes you will notice in JEE 2012

What are Your chances of cracking JEE 2012
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