Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Google Plus Song' Explains The New Social Network (VIDEO)

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Since Google's social networking answer to Facebook Google Plus launched this summer, many users have been unsure of what to do with their new profiles.
How is this different from every other account we already have? How many ways do we possibly need to connect with our friends and family?
But the more time you spend on the service, the more its differences and assets start to stand out. Namely, the circle feature.
This song breaks down the Google Plus user experience -- from the wobbly beginnings to the flat-out addiction that follows.

Samsung to roll out popular Galaxy S II Before iPhone 5

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Samsung is ready to bring its flagship Android-based Galaxy S II in the U.S. -- a popular offering for consumers -- and beat Apple to the launch of the iPhone 5.
The Galaxy S II is probably the strongest rival to the iPhone.
It runs on Android 2.3, has a 4.3-inch display, a dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera and a superthin design. Although it hasn’t been available in the U.S., the Galaxy S II sold a record 3 million units in just 55 days, which is in part due to Apple holding back the launch of its next-generation iPhone.
Samsung will hold a press event on Aug. 29, where it is expected to spill all the details about the U.S. arrival of its iPhone competitor.
In the U.S., Samsung is likely to continue its strategy to sell the same smartphone bare bones slightly repackaged for each large wireless carrier.
The Galaxy S II is rumored to sport a sliding QWERTY keyboard when itarrives on AT&T as the Attain and on Sprint it’s expected to have 4G WiMAX connectivity under the Within name.
The Samsung Galaxy S II for Verizon, possibly dubbed Celox, is rumored to sport 4G LTE connectivity and up the ante on specs. This includes a larger (4.5-inch) display, a dual-core 1.5Ghz (up from 1.2), taking a toll on thinness and device weight. The Galaxy S II for Verizon could end up being a different phone from the Celox though, as it offers 800MHz LTE support, incompatible with the frequency used in the U.S., 700MHz LTE.
Meanwhile, Apple watchers are buzzing about whether the iPhone 5 will arrive in September or October. There are no details on the features of the upcoming iPhone, besides wide expectations it will run on dual-core A5 processors (as found on the iPad 2), and sport a better (possibly 8-megapixel) camera.

Use your real name or else. New social network will force Google+ users to identify themselves.. or leave the site.

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Web users who go by bogus names will be booted off the new Google+ social network.
The company has recently launched the network as a rival to Facebook.
But If Google learns the name you're using on the network is not your real name, you have just four days to clean up your act. If you don't your profile will be removed.
Saurabh Sharma, product manager on the Google+ team, announced the new rule in a video shared on YouTube and on Google+.  
The company said it tried to make connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world, so those signing up for the service are required to use the name they commonly go by in the real world.

The new regulations were billed as an 'update to how we handle potential violations of our common name policy.'
In the past, when the company suspended the profile of those it judged were not using their real identity, and then let the user appeal.
But from now on there will be no appeals permitted, msn news reported. 
Sharma said: 'If we find that your profile name does not adhere to our policy, we’ll give you a 4-day grace period to fix your profile name before we take further action.'
'Taking action means your account is closed although you will be allowed to 'take all your content with you, even after your profile is suspended. Visit Google Takeout for more details.'
The news immediately angered users.
'Gwyddonaid' on YouTube said: 'I will be removing Google+ from my online activities. There are many reasons for the use of pseudonyms, including personal safety. For years, we have instructed children and others to not use their 'real names' online for privacy and safety concerns. Now Google, in its INFINITE UNwisdom decrees that only 'real names' will be used," said  'Goodbye, Google. So much for 'do no evil.'
Emilio Osorio wrote: 'What about the necessity of those involved in risky political environments and the use of Google+ as a reach out medium? How's google+ going to handle those real needs of the rest of us that are living in unsecure places (like Mexico)? Or google+ just needs to be considered as a "linkedin/facebook" thing with only rosy politically correct content?'
And said another: 'No. I'll gladly give you my real name, you can keep it, give it to advertisers, I really don't care, that's OK with me, its part of the service and I understand that, but, I will not have my display name as my 'real' legal name, I just simply don't use that name with people, I don't use it on the web, its not me, I don't like it, I won't do it.'

Facebook Linked To Psychological Disorders In Teens

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The argument has been made but not enough on
the social debilitation that people tend to suffer by
the over usage of social media. We are in a
technologically advanced age, its okay to observe
that; however, what must the cost must be? Anti-social behavior, narcissism and other negative characteristics are the price. Facebook usage above and beyond that of being a
mere frequenter is common amongst most teens.
Unfortunately, it is that same age group that is the
primary social media users that suffer from the
negative characteristics and other psychological
disorders according to a recent study conducted by Larry Rosen, a professor of psychology at California
State University. Rosen presented the results of his studies in a
presentation titled “Poke Me: How Social Networks
Can Both Help and Harm Our Kids.” The findings are
based on a number of computer surveys that were
distributed to 1,000 urban adolescents and Rosen’s
15 minute observations of 300 teens as they studied. The findings showed that there were clearly
psychological disorders in nearly every case. Social
media has been linked to aggressive tendencies,
mania, stomach aches, sleeping problems, anxiety
and depression. In addition the teen is likely to
suffer a technological “overdose” on a daily basis not limited to Facebook but including video games
as well as other technological devices. Education is the next on the list of things that suffer
in the teens that are habitual Facebook users. These
same teens have a high rate of absenteeism from
school, lower reading rates as well as lower grades. The only standout positive aspect to social media
was Rosen’s findings of the development of “virtual
empathy.” Empathy is commonly associated as an
in-person activity where physical embraces can
take place, facial expressions can be shown and
kind words are exchanged. That empathy is well- received by friends and influences the expression
of these positive behaviors outside of the world of
social media thus carrying over into everyday life.
There was an old myth once that said the average
individual used 10% of their brain at any given
time. Let’s say for an instant that this is true. With social media and the advanced technological
age in which we live, would that still be true? We rely on technology and social media for a great
many of the things that we used to do on our own
before either of these things were prominent.
Technology’s rise of video games for the most part
has substituted a child’s desire to be outside and
the use of their imaginations. Social media has been made the primary mode of communication for lots
of people, particularly teens. We might call our
friend and not get an answer but if we Facebook
them, we’ll more than likely get an answer within
seconds. It would really be nice to get back to using a phone
the old-fashioned way sometimes, where we use
our voices and not our fingertips.
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