Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GRE new pattern : 10 things to note

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GRE exam is generally taken by those students who want to take admission in any foreign university for graduate programmes. The Graduate Record Examination is generally known by GRE and the exam is conducted by the Education Testing Service (ETS) on behalf of the Graduate Record Examination Board and Council of Graduate Schools. The pattern of the exam is objective with multiple-choice questions. This exam score is necessary criteria for taking admission in one of the foreign universities.
ETS has brought some changes in the pattern of the GRE exam to make this exam student friendly and less complicated as compared to other exams. This new pattern will help the universities to evaluate the students well, make the right choice and enable them to enroll more deserving candidates. This new pattern will be active from August 2011.
The team of new GRE pattern 2011 said, "It is the largest revision in the history of GRE, which is about 60 years." They also mentioned that the changes in the demographics of the test takers, technology changes, etc, have encouraged them to make changes in the exam pattern and they are really excited about the new format. Below are 10 important changes in the new GRE pattern:
1. Improved Design: This new modified design permits you to go back and forward in a particular section and modify or make changes in your answers. In this new format, you can mark and go back to a question to make changes and revise it. This new format is different in pattern as compared to the current GRE. The main aim behind this new pattern is to create a better and natural test experience.
2. Improved Quality of Data: The quality of the data used for the GRE Test will be better in the new pattern. The new format of the GRE exam will evaluate the skills of the students that are really necessary for graduate and business programmes.
3. Major changes in Verbal section: In this new GRE exam the verbal section has seen the maximum changes. In new format there will be more complex reasoning. No antonyms and analogies will be asked. There will be no vocabulary asked which is out of the context. Expect new types of questions in this section.
4. Quantitative reasoning: The new pattern allows using the calculator to avoid small mistakes. The new pattern puts more emphasis on the reasoning ability and not on the arithmetic calculations. This new pattern concentrates more on Data interpretation and real life scenarios.
5. Analytical writing: In this section there are no major changes but there will be expectations for more focused responses and less generalisations.
6. New test score rating: Due to new changes in the verbal and quant sections, the new range will be between 130 and 170 score scale with increments of 1 point instead of earlier 200 to 800 with 10 points increments. The scale for analytical section is unchanged as 0 to 6 with 0.5 increments. The new test is designed to give enough opportunity to students to demonstrate their reasoning skills irrespective of their background.
7. First new GRE 2011 test score and test: The score for the test taken between August and October will be available in the month of November. The applicants who want their score before November can take the present test before August 2011. The score of reporting will go back to normal time frame of 10 to 15 days after late November.
8. Paper based testing: All the students who are thinking to appear in paper-based test, have to take the test before November, 2011. ETS has proposed various changes in the exam pattern; all these changes will get implemented from August, 2011. All the changes will also be carried out in paper-based test too.
9. Split test going away: If a student is taking this test in Asian continent such China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, you may be using a split-test pattern. This format will not exist in the new GRE exam. The modified GRE test version will provide faster reporting, offered more often on computer and can be done in single day in one sitting only.
10. GRE test prep material: GRE has already made available the new practice papers for aspirants to make them familiar with new exam format. GRE has launched this paper available more than a year before. You can also check the preparation material by visiting the official website of the GRE test.
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