Monday, August 15, 2011

Five of the best free Android apps for travel

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Your smartphone is great for checking emails and surfing the web when you're travelling around, but it can also be useful for helping you flag down cabs, finding out travel news and directions. Here's five free apps for Google Android handsets that will help you when it comes to travelling.


If you're stuck in London and can't find a cab, or don't want to get ripped-off for your journey, then this is the app for you. Kabbee lets Android users enter the journey details and in return will offer a list of licensed cab companies, the time the journey will take and the price. They can then be compared the most appropriate one booked using the app.

Travel News

This is the government's official app that utilises a user's location and Department of Transport data to alert Android users on any delays on roads, trains, tubes, trams and ferries. The information also offers information on the type and length of delay.

Google Maps for Mobile

Google Maps for Mobile comes pre-loaded on Google Android handsets, but if for whatever reason you don't have the app, its available as a free download from the Android market. The app lets you access driving, public transport or walking directions, based on your current location. The app was recently updated to include Public Transport directions in London too and for Android based handsets only, users can receive alerts as to when they need to get off a bus or tube during their journey.


TripAdvisor's Android app ensures the hotels and flights review website is optimised for use on your iOS device. As well as allowing you to browse millions of reviews, opinions and photos of hotel and flights, you can also save these pages to ensure you can quickly access them again.

TripIt Travel Organizer

This free app lets you combine all of your travel documents such as flight confirmations, hotel details and meeting schedules, all in one place on your Android smartphone. Once you've downloaded the app simply forward these emails to a dedicated email address or fetch them from your Gmail inbox automatically to offer easy access on the go.


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