Saturday, August 13, 2011

Games (Finally) Come to Google+

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Today CEO President Vic Gundotra posted on the Google Blog, 
making the official announcement that the long-awaited (or long-dreaded) gaming feature had been introduced to Google’s increasingly popular Google+ social network.
According to Google Mobile Engineer Punit Soni, the games will be rolled out to the over 20 million Google+ users, over time. If you are a Plus user, expect to see a games icon at the top of your stream, according to Gundotra. Simply click on it to see which games are available - largely Zynga offerings, which is to be expected as Google has invested heavily in the gaming company recently.

Whether you are an Angry Birds player, a Bejeweled Blitz lover, learning the ropes at City of Wonder or are a Zynga Poker user, there are a variety of initial games to choose from.
According to Gundotra’s Google Blog post, the games will have an invite feature, as well as status-related updates, which have been a thorn in many a Facebook and Twitter user, as they have cluttered their streams. According to Gundotra, on Google+ much of this information appears separately under the Games section, and is shown only to those in your Circles who are playing the same games.
Not interested in Google+ Games at all? Simply ignore the Games button, and Google+ will continue sharing great information from the people you have Circled.
But c’mon, don’t you want to help me build that Great Coliseum in City of Wonder?


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