Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quit Smoking, Live Longer

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Smoking is a growing problem in England where thousands of people succumbs to death because of it.
Every year, medical authorities spend nearly £60m to provide services to smokers to help them quit smoking.
Recently, figures revealed that for the current year the NHS Information Centre invested an amount of £84.3m, which was more than £500,000 of previous year. However, the number of smokers for the period has remained steady at 22% men and 20% women.
There are many trying to quit smoking. According to a report, about 384,000 smokers were successful in quitting smoke 2001/2002. Since then they have not picked up smoking again. A Spokesperson for the Department of Health said, “A record number of people have stopped smoking, which is a testament to the excellent work of NHS professionals in local stop smoking services”.


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