Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Check Backlinks with Google Backlink Checker?

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Hi bloggy readers,
Google Webmaster has been widely used by all the website/blog owners especially on getting their whole blog contents indexed in the Search Engine Result Pages. Lots of features can be found here, such as submitting sitemap, analyzing keywords, checking crawl errors, and many more. As a time passed, Google Webmaster has developed one of the promising features to blog or website owners, and that is called Google backlink checker, a feature that can calculate the total backlinks of your blog from the past to the present. Actually, this Google backlink checker has been added to Google Webmaster long time ago, so you might consider this post can be so outdated.

In this new Google backlink checker, we can get the complete information regarding the total of backlinks that have been calculated from the past to the present, so don’t be too shocked if you see some huge number of backlinks from our blog. 
1. Log in to Google Webmaster

Now to start the tutorial about Google backlink checker, log in to your Webmaster account using the same username and password you usually used on Gmail account. If you are currently in the Blogger Dashboard, click at the top navigation called “My Account” and then you will be given the choices of all the Google services you've registered. Choose Webmasters-Tools on your Google account.

2. Pick your blog
After logging in to your Webmaster account, now choose your wished blog that you want to check its backlinks with Google backlink checker.

3. Click at the link navigation on the left side
On the left side of the Webmaster tools page, you will be able to analyze your blog performance. Now click the link called “Your site on the web” to begin tracking your backlinks. After clicking that link, you will be given a drop down menu contains Search queries, Links to your site, Keywords, Internal links, Subscriber stats. Now click at the menu “Links to your site” to enter the Google backlink checker.

4. Check your backlinks
Okay, as you can see on the Links to your site tab, Your total backlinks have been calculated by Google backlink checker on the top right position of the page. You might wonder why the total of backlinks of your blog is so bigger than your backlinks on other backlink checker services. In my opinion, I think Google backlink checker has more powerful and faster tool in analyzing backlinks because if your blog is hosted on Blogger (blogspot), every backlink you’ve made will be rapidly indexed in Google result pages than other search engines (such as Yahoo or Bing).

5. Download Your backlinks history
In this new feature, you will be able to download the whole data regarding the total backlinks of your blog by clicking the link on the bottom position called "Download this table" and "Download all the external links" in the form of .csv file (Microsoft Excel format).

Okay that’s all for now guys. I hope the news I’m delivering to you right now is valuable especially for those of you who are confused in tracking the total backlinks of your blog with Google backlink checker. If you have something to ask to me, then, leave your comment and i’ll try to answer your questions.


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